João Paulo Cuenca “To translate writers like João do Rio, Lima Barreto and Machado de Assis, I believe that command of the language and the talent to create a literary reconstruction of these texts is not enough; you also need to walk – and walk a great deal – around the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Having lived in this city for more than 30 years, the city whose streets are interwoven into the best lines of our literature, the Englishman Mark Carlyon is one of the few who can take on the challenge of breaking down the Great Wall that separates the world form one of its richest and most secret literary capitals: Rio de Janeiro.”

João Paulo Cuenca

João Paulo Cuenca is one of the greatest talents among the new generation of Brazilian writers. His three novels published to date have been praised unanimously by critics and readers alike for their originality and the power of Cuenca’s prose.