Masterpieces of Brazilian Indianist Literature – Iracema and I-Juca-Pirama

Iracema e I-Juca-Pirama – Obras Primas do Romantismo Indianista

José de Alencar and Gonçalves Dias

Concept, coordination and translation by Mark Carlyon

The vision of the romantic Indianist writers who depicted the grandeur of nature and a people who both worshipped and lived in harmony with it is particularly appealing to a generation whose overriding concern is the protection of the environment and sustainable development

This bilingual edition will present works by two of the greatest exponents of romantic Indianism: José de Alencar and Gonçalves Dias. The original texts and the translations, followed by an appendix with detailed notes on the references, will be presented side by side.

The texts will be accompanied by photographs taken in indigenous communities by one of Brazil’s most acclaimed photographers, Araquém Alcântara, and an essay by Alexei Bueno, a leading authority on Brazilian literature.

The project, which has the institutional support of the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment (MMA), is also very much aligned with the new emphasis in UK-Brazil relations, reflected in events such as UK Brasil, which aim at leaving a legacy for future generations.

The volume will be produced within the strictest parameters of a sustainable product.